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ITCA - General Motors



We designed and created an unique experience to evaluate all the technicians from Argentina for Chevrolet and General Motors.

With the knowloedge of the Instituto Tecnológico de Capacitación Automotriz, we developed an application where we evaluated the knowledge of the technicians in different areas on different milestones.

Each milestone was focused on a different objective, from a series of interactive trivias to a 3D simulation where participants needed to recognize and diagnose a failure.

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For the simulation, we created totally 3D both the interior and exterior of the Chevrolet Cruze 5, along with the Spin and Equinox.
The interactive vehicules where part of the evaluation at real time where the technicians needed to recognize its features and take all the real steps to make a diagnose.

Watch the video to see how was the evaluation!

The technicians could validate themselves thanks to our web app.

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