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Legends Of Learning is a digital educational platform created to help teachers to make classes a fun and productive while teaching.

In this project, we faced with creating an experience that has as much fun as it educates kids from U.S schools about the relationships between animals, predators and preys.

While playing, the kids run an ecosystem, where they can add or remove animals or objects to observe, discover, and react to the interaction of animals of different species and how they behave in our world.

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We found some challenges when we worked on the main idea. One of these was the balance, how to maintain an entertaining experience and at the same time explain the concepts? Beside that, how can we verify if the kids are really learning the concepts without difficulty?

In the end, we opted for a grid-shaped stage where the animals moved freely and interacted with each other. Each of these, had a small but complex system of artificial intelligence, so it reacted to his surroundings and the other characters that surrounded them, making decisions on their own.

Discover how we explained the behavior of the animals via a game.

See the A.I thinking in the video!

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