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In Ecopark Organimadness, our public were students of third grade and our subject to teach was about temperature both in Celsius and Fahrenheit in different type of termometers. Chaos appears in the ecopark when animals arrive for the inauguration, it's the user's task to take them to their habitat and accommodate them with their temperature.

We believe that education can be entertained and facilitated through stories, that is why our educational games are differentiated to be truly experiences that explain and validate the contents through their mechanics.
We do not have any educational game that uses questions and answers.

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Through 4 habitats and 12 different animals we introduce how to use different models of thermometers. Each animal contained clues about its correct temperature and how to apply it in thermometers. This was accompanied by the story of 2 characters, a guard and his son, who had to face the constant avalanche of visitors.

Our ideas were validated by the same platform that is responsible for evaluating and reviewing the games, obtaining from their 2 evaluators 4 and 5 stars out of 5 in total as a rating.

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