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In Robowrecks, our public were students of eight grade and our subject to teach was about square and cube roots and also power of 2 and 3. We created a story with 2 very recognizable characters, who had to repair some mathematical robots to be able to go back in time. Each robot had a platelet composed of mathematical components, where each represented a formula like the roots that modified the behavior of the chip.

We believe that education can be entertained and facilitated through stories, that is why our educational games are differentiated to be truly experiences that explain and validate the contents through their mechanics.
We do not have any educational game that uses questions and answers.

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The children repaired 10 different robots. In each one we created different circuits, adding components with different functionalities and progressively increasing the difficulty so that they could learn dynamically.

Our ideas were validated by the same platform that is responsible for evaluating and reviewing the games, obtaining from their 2 evaluators 5 and 5 stars out of 5 in total as a rating.

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