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TrafulOnIce is a company dedicated to the sale of national and imported skates and sports accessories market leaders.

In PatinAR, you will be able to interact, play and customize your own skate, that through augmented reality will appear in front of you completely in 3D!

As the player advances in the game, he will unlock new parts to personalize his skate. It is possible to modify each of the parts of this, allowing to create many different combinations.

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We mainly focused on the graphic aspect of the skates, since our goal was to make these look more realistic possible. To do this, we replicated each part of it with references from real models sold by TrafulOnIce. In addition, we created a character designed to guide the player in their experience with the application, following the style of the TrafulOnIce target audicence.

Discover and customize your favorite skates with augmented reality!

Check and download the app clicking here, for any Android device!

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